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  • Romeo: I just met you
  • Romeo: and this is crazy
  • Romeo: but marry me in three days
  • Romeo: and commit mutual suicide

My boyfriend fingered me for 2 hours last night and I loved it so much! I couldn’t stop screaming his name and moaning. Now if only he would have the courage to eat me out…

My boyfriend choked me without adding any pressure during sex because he knew I wanted to try it, getting choked while he’s behind is really sexy.

I’m a straight girl in a committed relationship but sometimes all i crave is a nice pink pussy to play with. I want to suck a pretty girls throbbing little clit between my lips and drive her crazy with my tongue. I want to lick her cum from my fingers before she grinds against me and fucks me however she wants as hard as she wants..I need a woman’s touch.

i wish my boyfriend would fuck me while he’s dressed like bob the builder
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